Monday, 28 June 2010

You are you

You are you is a cute little shop selling 'urban artifacts' for your home. There are all sorts of cool vintage and second hand treasures to be had. I really love this mustard sectional plate, i can think of sooo many uses for it!

(i really like the stripy background in the photogtraphy too)

3 Milk Glass Vases

Have a look at the You are you etsy shop here and see what you can funky things you can find.x

Dutch door

Dutchdoor is one of my favourite Etsy shops ever, it is packed full of really beautiful cards and prints. Dutchdoor are friends Mara and Anna from San Francisco, they use an antique print press to produce there boldly coloured designs.
I really like the symmetry used in a lot of the designs and particularly love the 'Birds and Blooms of the 50 states' series - I'd like them all! ( I may just have to choose a few of my faves though!)

'Vermont' Limited Edition Prints


'Blooms' Noteset

There's lots and lots of fantastic things to buy at Dutchdoor, you will definitely want to treat yourself! x


This is the beautiful work of Nina Moscrip from Southsea in the U.K. Nina's etsy shop Artquirk has lots more to choose from. I really like Nina's linear drawing style, wouldn't it be nice to have a drawing of your own street.

'A row of colourful houses'

(My favourite!)

'A bit of Paris'
It makes me want to go a draw something (although my skills are a little rusty!)
Very inspirational! x

Darling Clementine

I think I love everything about these cards by Darling Clementine! I love the colours, the design, the packaging...I wont go on! They are part of the 'Woodland' 8 card set designed by the talented Darling Clementine team from Norway.

They'd look amazing framed as a set.
These gorgeous cards are part of the Haberdashery series of designs, my friend bought me the front card and I've been a fan ever since. Check out the Etsy shop to see the rest of the fantastic merchandise! x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Erin dollar

Hello, hello, I haven't posted in a little while so today I'll start with these cool Hello cards by artist and maker Erin Dollar. Erin has lots of lovely art work in her shop but I especially liked these screen printed cards.

Just a simple Hello! in lots of lovely fonts. x


I love these custom made dresses by Iviemade, they're so stylish! I like that each dress is made from different colour fabrics and the sash is gorgeous too. I think they're perfect for summer! Iviemade has lots of beautiful cushions too, I love the polka dot one below.

Blooming Grove Dress (I love this one!)

There are lots more cushions in the Iviemade etsy shop, be sure to have a look! x